Internal Job Posting (AdTech) - Software Development Engineer I - Frontend Technologies

Engineering | Mumbai, Bengaluru Full-time

Project Details

AdTech at BookMyshow is the strategic initiative towards developing an eco-system of Entertainment Marketing in India. This is referred to as EMP (Entertainment Marketing Platform) - where content producers, distributors, inventory owners, ticketing partners and organisers can leverage their supply & efficiently channelize their marketing budget to give unified entertainment experience to end customers.

BookMyShow’s EMP will strive at finding connections between an advertiser and a target audience by implementing smart systems, leveraging the tool while managing the budget wisely.

In India, BookMyShow has the competitive edge of developing such a pure-play platform because of the very nature of Audience Intelligence it has in and around Entertainment. In the era of big data, we’ve recognized having an ad tech platform makes us more powerful and attractive to brands, production houses, event producers / organizers and content marketers.

This initiative is going to be a fast paced start-up in itself where sales conversations, tech prototypes, architectural decisions, IP and business creation will simultaneously. It’ll include full marketing platform and analytics systems, which are the "smart engines" of digital advertising campaigns. We are looking to hire smartest minds in the industry who believe in this platform, are game changers who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get work done.  And all of this, while munching popcorn served at your desk.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Internal job posting does not entitle for any change in compensation or designation. Only the role might change to the new role if required.
  2. If any employee is interested in applying for the Internal job posting, he/she should have completed a minimum of one year with BookMyShow.
  3. Employees currently serving their notice period would not be eligible to apply for the internal job posting.
  4. They need to inform their reporting manager.
  5. Each employee who has expressed interest for the internal job posting will be required to go through the assessment by the interview panel.
  6. Selection of the employee for the new role applied, will be subject to clearing all the assessment rounds and at the discretion of the management.
  7. Selected candidate will be required to complete the on-going task of the current role and ensure proper transition of the existing project. Role change will be made effective only after completion of all pending tasks and approval from reporting manager. 
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What are the Job Responsibilities?

  1. You could either be working with our Product Designers & Managers to improve the design and implementation of our existing products, build an entirely new line of products, or even writing the underlying library that powers our stadium seat layouts! We're open to figuring out the right fit based on your skillset.
  2. Own the entire product experience as you will be the one delivering the final product to the consumer.
  3. Contribute to our open source initiatives
  4. Participate in code reviews and help collectively solve complex problems like routing, repo structure, isomorphic rendering, automated performance benchmarking integrations, etc.

Who should apply?

  1. We're looking for experienced developers who take pride on their code rather than the frameworks they know (although good programmers know the right frameworks).
  2. Ones who don't mention GIT as a skill on their resume. Ones who don't settle. They are brave enough to dream big and work hard to achieve it.
If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch. Let’s talk and find out if this is the right place for you.